Madison Who’s Who in Business Worldwide Video Sunday, Oct 19 2008 

Matt Schwartz, CEO at Madison Who’s Who recently released this video: Madison Whos Who in Business Worldwide?

If you’re new to Madison Who’s Who, here’s a reminder: We provide:

  • a forum for executives and professionals to introduce themselves to one another
  • a searchable electronic registry of business leaders and professionals in virtually every industry and specialty

The forum & registry use abbreviated profiles and expanded biographies, and members cultivate business relationships as their strategy for success.

At Madison, we know Who’s Who!

You can follow Madison Who’s Who members and get more info on membership and professional networking by following the Madison Who’s Who blog.


Professional Networking News Friday, Oct 17 2008 

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Madison Who’s Who Member Recognition – Dr. George P. Daskaleas

Follow the Madison Who’s Who blog for more member news as well as articles on advancing your career through professional networking. Only Madison Who’s Who members have the privilege of networking with each other and gaining the …

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