Madison Who’s Who in Business Worldwide Video Sunday, Oct 19 2008 

Matt Schwartz, CEO at Madison Who’s Who recently released this video: Madison Whos Who in Business Worldwide?

If you’re new to Madison Who’s Who, here’s a reminder: We provide:

  • a forum for executives and professionals to introduce themselves to one another
  • a searchable electronic registry of business leaders and professionals in virtually every industry and specialty

The forum & registry use abbreviated profiles and expanded biographies, and members cultivate business relationships as their strategy for success.

At Madison, we know Who’s Who!

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Madison Who’s Who Press Tuesday, Oct 14 2008 


Madison Who’s Who Social Networking Platform Release

Professional registry company announces pending release of a social networking platform for its members.

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 14, 2008 — Madison Who’s Who reported today that they are nearing the release of a new social platform for member networking. The new platform is supposed to be the very latest in social networking technology from one of the leading developers in the industry.

Madison Who’s Who is a directory of professionals and executives from a wide range of industries. The network is reported to be close to 300,000 members strong and growing.

Matt Schwartz, CEO of Madison Who’s Who, said today that “We’ve been looking for ways to further facilitate our members networking capabilities to enhance their job searches, joint ventures, and other partnerships.”

Madison Who’s Who is appealing to executives and hiring managers who are looking for new talent around the globe to fill positions in technology, textiles, financial, and many other industries.

“Our new social network will enable people to find talent or new openings for higher paying jobs in other companies.” Schwartz said. “The name of the game in professional networking is using tools that will help our members get where they want to be and find who they need to find in order to access vital information faster.”

The growth of social networking platforms for specific niche industries continues as a method of helping visitors to interact with the websites and each other, thus, keeping them around longer. The appeal is great for sites that want to attract more returning visitors who stick around and add valuable content.

To find out more about Madison Who’s Who’s new social network, watch their blog or visit Madison Who’s Who to read about membership and professional networking opportunities.

Local Madison Who’s Who on the Front Lines of the Global Financial Crisis Saturday, Oct 11 2008 

While the global markets writhe and shake at the slightest tremor of doubt from any sector, recently recognized Madison Who’s Who recipient Mr. George Daskaleas’ has a deeper understanding of global financial assets.  This deeper understanding has been built upon his knowledge of and insights into not only obscure macro-economic theory, but the tendencies of man.

Prior entering into the business world, Mr. Daskaleas received a B.A. in both engineering and business economics, an MBA from Trinity College & University in the United Kingdom, and a Ph.D. in Financial Analysis.
After completing his education, Mr. Daskaleas worked for several years as both a trader and an analyst, building his resume throughout the 90s, eventually attaining the title of Director of Asset Management for Dynamic Securities S.A., an investment and trading firm located in Athens, Greece.  Recognized by his professional community and the trade organizations with which he has affiliated himself, he was named “Man of the Year” in 2000 by a Greek economic journal.

Mr. Daskaleas has produced a prolific corpus of work, including thousands of daily published reports on the ASE, NYSE, and FX market.  He has also set himself up as a vigorous educator, providing numerous lectures and seminars throughout the world at various economic consortiums.

In 2002, Mr. Daskaleas founded his own financial consulting firm, Investment Consultants Ltd., which eventually became PK Consultants USA, Inc., a wall street investing firm focused on the FX market.  In his current position as Founder and CEO, George Daskaleas incorporates his personal credo in his company’s corporate motto, “First comes the client’s need”.

In his private life, Mr. Daskaleas enjoys boxing and personal computing.

Picking a Reputable Who’s Who Registry Friday, Aug 22 2008 

While there are many legitimate professional and biographical directories, like Madison Who’s Who, there are also some unscrupulous individuals have created Who’s Who scams that involve the selling of “memberships” in Who’s Who directories that are created online and through instant publishing services.

These are sometimes thinly veiled scams designed to get individuals to part with their money and NOT an exclusive directory like a legitimate Who’s Who published by professional directories like Madison Who’s Who, which have an elaborate selection process.

Often the companies that “own” these registries are recently incorporated and the few individuals listed in them (who often post that on their web sites) are people who are being listed in the directory as a marketing tactic.  Therefore, the publication of their names in these directories is just a form of vanity publishing, and doesn’t really accomplish the professional networking that these directories were intended for.

Often blogs or forum posts that discuss these scams have entries by someone who is stating that they used the directory to make valuable business contacts, but these posts cannot be verified and are like other online reviews that provide no verification of the consumer or user’s identity. 

If you want to benefit from all of the opportunities provided by professional directories, it’s important to choose a directory that is reputable, such as our directory at Madison Who’s Who.