While the global markets writhe and shake at the slightest tremor of doubt from any sector, recently recognized Madison Who’s Who recipient Mr. George Daskaleas’ has a deeper understanding of global financial assets.  This deeper understanding has been built upon his knowledge of and insights into not only obscure macro-economic theory, but the tendencies of man.

Prior entering into the business world, Mr. Daskaleas received a B.A. in both engineering and business economics, an MBA from Trinity College & University in the United Kingdom, and a Ph.D. in Financial Analysis.
After completing his education, Mr. Daskaleas worked for several years as both a trader and an analyst, building his resume throughout the 90s, eventually attaining the title of Director of Asset Management for Dynamic Securities S.A., an investment and trading firm located in Athens, Greece.  Recognized by his professional community and the trade organizations with which he has affiliated himself, he was named “Man of the Year” in 2000 by a Greek economic journal.

Mr. Daskaleas has produced a prolific corpus of work, including thousands of daily published reports on the ASE, NYSE, and FX market.  He has also set himself up as a vigorous educator, providing numerous lectures and seminars throughout the world at various economic consortiums.

In 2002, Mr. Daskaleas founded his own financial consulting firm, Investment Consultants Ltd., which eventually became PK Consultants USA, Inc., a wall street investing firm focused on the FX market.  In his current position as Founder and CEO, George Daskaleas incorporates his personal credo in his company’s corporate motto, “First comes the client’s need”.

In his private life, Mr. Daskaleas enjoys boxing and personal computing.