When you go to a business networking event make sure you have plenty of business cards. Getting exposure is critical in accomplishing effective global networking. I have my business cards everywhere; in my wallet, in my planner, in my car, in my computer bag, and my briefcase.

My family members also have my cards,and give them out to everyone they talk to. As networking specialist for Entrepreneur Magazine, Ivan Misner points out, the business card is the single most powerful business tool you can invest in.

The two main functions of your card are to gain business from the person you give it to and to get your name out to other people from this person who now has your cards. When you give out your card, always write something personal on it.

This will give that card a greater chance to be held onto by the receiver. Be sure to give them more than just one card, however, so they can pass them out. A classic tip for receiving cards is to make notes on the card shortly afterwards, in order to jog your memory about that person.

Contact them after the event to say something nice and mention something specific from your meeting; this helps to remind them who you are and think about you when a potential referral comes their way.

Keep in mind, effective gloabal networking does not have to be something to dread. If you shudder just thinking about it, I challenge you to start practicing. Pick a small event where you know most of the people and feel relatively comfortable.