Madison Who’s Who Press Release Tuesday, Oct 14 2008 

(PRWEB) October 14, 2008 — Any successful entrepreneurial venture requires both courage and savvy in the face of adversity. Fortune favors the bold, and so it is with Madison Who’s Who; a light in the darkness that is the current economic clime. With a dedicated goal of providing support for aspiring professionals in their networking and business consulting needs, the company has grown from fledgling beginnings to a multi-location provider of numerous advertising and consulting services.

The columns supporting the weight of this blossoming enterprise consist of two towering figures of business prowess: Matthew Schwartz and Scott Minuta. Partners in business and comrades in life, these men have borne the toils of creating a new business entity, and are now enjoying the well deserved fruits of their labor.

Mr. Schwartz was initially approached concerning the potential for the growth of social networking using the power of the online world by Mr. Minuta. Mr. Schwartz immediately recognized the validity of Mr. Minuta’s proposal, seeing the potential for such a venture as a way to help the burgeoning executive and professional class made rich by the 90s and thrust upon the precipice by the stagnation of the first decade of the 20th century. Mr. Schwartz began fashioning the administrative and financial core of Madison Who’s Who using funds from previous successful business ventures.

Growth was explosive, as the valuable services offered by the company became immediately apparent to professionals in numerous fields, and soon they began to take advantage of the services offered, which naturally led to mutual growth between both client and Madison.

Eventually the needs of the editorial, sales, networking, media, and support staff, combined with the unprecedented success of the company, resulted in the purchase and outfitting of the Madison Who’s Who Corporate Headquarters in New York City. This stately building houses the brain center through which Mr. Schwartz’s business decisions thrive and triumph over competition and the marketplace itself.

Mr. Schwartz has recognized the value of technology to the business world, and as such has modified the traditional “Who’s Who” infrastructure to capture the potential of the online world. At the time of this writing, he is engaged in negotiations which will bring Madison Who’s Who to another threshold; indeed the new implementations which are planned will almost certainly make Madison Who’s Who competitive with the top tier of social networking sites.

In addition to our vaunted online accomplishments, Mr. Schwartz is proudly presenting the 5th Edition of our celebrated Leather Bound Registry this year. Not only does this mark a continued trend of success and accomplishment, but highlights Mr. Schwartz’s defining virtues: devotion to success, and the entrepreneurial spirit against all odds.

Both Mr. Schwartz and Mr. Minuta invite you, the prestigious and accomplished professional, to visit our website, become a candidate for our basic membership, and realize your potential today.


Madison Who’s Who Press Tuesday, Oct 14 2008 


Madison Who’s Who Social Networking Platform Release

Professional registry company announces pending release of a social networking platform for its members.

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 14, 2008 — Madison Who’s Who reported today that they are nearing the release of a new social platform for member networking. The new platform is supposed to be the very latest in social networking technology from one of the leading developers in the industry.

Madison Who’s Who is a directory of professionals and executives from a wide range of industries. The network is reported to be close to 300,000 members strong and growing.

Matt Schwartz, CEO of Madison Who’s Who, said today that “We’ve been looking for ways to further facilitate our members networking capabilities to enhance their job searches, joint ventures, and other partnerships.”

Madison Who’s Who is appealing to executives and hiring managers who are looking for new talent around the globe to fill positions in technology, textiles, financial, and many other industries.

“Our new social network will enable people to find talent or new openings for higher paying jobs in other companies.” Schwartz said. “The name of the game in professional networking is using tools that will help our members get where they want to be and find who they need to find in order to access vital information faster.”

The growth of social networking platforms for specific niche industries continues as a method of helping visitors to interact with the websites and each other, thus, keeping them around longer. The appeal is great for sites that want to attract more returning visitors who stick around and add valuable content.

To find out more about Madison Who’s Who’s new social network, watch their blog or visit Madison Who’s Who to read about membership and professional networking opportunities.